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, controversies show how obama's inattention to detail may hurt his presidential legacy. we want to get your thoughts on this. republicans, (202) 585-3881. democrats, (202) 585-3880. independents, (202) 585-3882. tweet, @cspanwj. you can also post your comments on facebook or e-mail us. on both fronts on the nsa and the health care law, president obama's! down to this -- i did not know. no president can be aware of everything going on in a sprawling government that he theoretically manage. -- theoretically manages. this constant questions about how much in charge he really is. days, the president's health and human services secretary said that the -- that despite internal concerns in a mr. obama wasn, not told about serious problems with the new row graham's website until it was rolled out this month. said theicials president was not aware that the national security agency was tapping the phone of agngela merkel. opposition lawmakers and pundits have seized on the white house explanations to accuse mr. obama of being a bystander president. some democrats are scratching their heads at the se
. they are already under fierce attack from republicans over the health care laws. obama now faces democratic concerns that the troubled start of the insurance program will cut into the political benefits that the party received from the government shutdown and might cost government -- democratic candidates in the next elections. was named asgh most responsible. to fix it entrusted was jeffrey zeitz. this followed a meeting between vice president joe biden and democratic freshmen. it appeared that the white house would have to do more to reassure democrats who emerged from the shutdown confident of their political fortunes. onublicans have roared back a wave of anger over the health care law. people are anxious. richard derman said -- richard durbin said he did not think there was confidence. this is more of a show me moment. we were all confident that the system would be up and running. we are not confident until it is real. the anxious include senators and house members facing hotly contested races. inre are also lawmakers states with republican governors who have done nothing to promote th
one of the ones that is going to be there is more see. morsi is obama's best friend. bob from baton rouge, louisiana. thanks recall. -- thanks for the call. can check out his remarks at this morning's front page of "the new york times." the president will be campaigning in northern virginia . chris christie is expected to win in new jersey. democrat barbara bona is challenging the new jersey republican. that story front page of "the new york times." a look at the statistics courtesy of the gallup organization to give your sense of just where the country was back in the 1950s during the start of the eisenhower administration on the question of whether or not you feel there is a opportunity to move ahead in america. back in 1952, eight percent said not much of an opportunity .umber 87% said yes we show you how to change over the years as we listen to joe, who's joining us from bethesda, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. great show, really appreciated. this is absolutely still the land of opportunity. challenged just like a government to live within the m
, two very different pictures of the new health-care law were painted yesterday with president obama touting the affordable care act in a speech in boston. just hours before that, his health and human services secretary cap points of bilious -- health and human services uscretary kathleen sebeli repeatedly told lawmakers to hold her report filed -- to hold her responsible for the heard the rocky start. we are asking viewers whether you think it is appropriate to holder to blame, and who should be held responsible and what should happen next. republicans can call in at (202) 585-3881. democrats --(202) 585-3880. independents, (202) 585-3882. if you are outside the u.s., it is (202) 585-3883. you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social media pages, on twitter and facebook or e-mail us journal@c- a very good thursday morning to you. halloween morning. lots of stories, lots of front- page stories about cap lanes of bilious -- about kathleen sebeli us. website'sfor the flaws." hold me accountable, she tells the panel. the story in today's "wall street journal,"
with president obama. we have seen an explosion of what we call dark money. this is money where we do not know who the donors are. and we do not know how the money is being spent in many cases. we have made it a priority of ours here, and mine in particular, to try to shine a light on this secret money having an incredible impact on knowlections where we so little about where it is coming from. host: when you do your work for "mother jones," how much is mining the public database? guest: it is in all of the above approach to be honest. if you want to know anything about classified forms and 990 's, i am your guy. i can give you a crash course in work.per pac's there's a lot of mining of those information sources. there is a lot of information out there. a lot of corporations tell us how they spend the money. they hide it on their website. you do not really know how to look or to find it. there is a lot of that out there. as you mentioned, publishing a lot of work, getting your name that peopleoping who care about this issue -- and they are out there -- will send you information you cannot othe
, with all the controversy about spying on allies and the like, i would like to see president obama pardon jonathan thomas. host: alexander from maryland, a republican caller. feel like theyy should not endorse spying and other countries and even our allies. i feel like it's important we knwo ow what's going on. --etimes our allies can be sometimes we need to know these things. host: yunnan chancellor merkel of germany? -- we should continue this, even on chancellor merkel of germany? caller: yes. it can be done more professionally and carefully on how we go about doing it, instead of doing it haphazardly and -- i'm looking for the word. in a professional manner. that's what i think. host: by that do you mean without being caught? caller: well not necessarily by being caught. if there is some type of issue that arises or flags that pop up, go aheaed and spy. if they do get caught spying and a case is brought about it the us can turn around and say, this is the reason we spied on you. host: james is next from minneapolis, a republican caller. caller: i love this, and this is hilarious. the
stemming on new developments when it comes to monitoring of ally activity by the nsa. new about obama spying. thatsa denies reports obama was told in 2010 of nsa spying on angela merkel and allowed it to continue. on sunday, the german tabloid siding unknown sources again, there are several stories this morning when it comes to the monitoring of allies. we are asking you this morning if the u.s. should rethink how it does those activities. if numbers on the screen -- you want to reach us via tweet and if you want to put something on a facebook page, that is span. it was on the sunday shows yesterday that this topic came up heard one of the voices there, congressman peter king from new york. he is the chairman of the house subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. he was on nbc's "meet the press" yesterday. he talked about the u.s. spying on france and germany. should stopdent apologizing and stop being. savedality is the nsa has thousands of lives, not just in the united states but in france and germany and throughout europe. have carried out spying operations
of this issue. first, let's point out a column that was posted last night on " huffington post" by barack obama. the president says they should be judged only by getting their work done. that's the president huffington post piece that was posted last night. -- there are plenty of editorials on the other side of this issue. this is rum "the washington times" we are taking your calls and comments this morning. donald is up next from michigan on our line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. man i am a 74-year-old old that has probably seen a love of life. the -- a love of life. -- a lot of life. i have a cousin who is gay. not wantve rights do to witness certain things right in front of me all the time. military as i used to be and i'm taking a shower, i do not wish to be in the shower with a gay person. that is my right. that should be a part of a nondiscrimination against me. i don't force my beliefs on other people. they should not force theirs on me. thank you. host: also on our independent line is robert from pennsylvania, good morning. hello, i just want to say that in reali
not know whether president obama knew exactly about the intelligence collection posture that has been put out there in the newspapers this week. here is what i do know as a former national security council staffer, and that is very a mike lee that the top white house -- the top whitethat house security staff would not have known about a particular aspect of the bride he has been described in the "wall street journal" this week. the reason for that is you want to be able to determine what these sources of the information that you are being presented because you want to make an assessment about its reliability. you want to be able to know if you are partnering -- if you are preparing to present for a phone call with a foreign leader or a summit meeting with a foreign leader -- the president is going to ask you questions, and you are going to want to be able to answer them forthrightly and with complete confidence that what you are giving the president is absolutely reliable. it is plausible to me that in the course of some of these meetings with the president that --ame up about how we came
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9